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Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

  • 國家:英國
  • 城市:Brighton
  • 創校年份:1971
  • 學校種類:公立預科書院
  • 學生人數:約3,500人
  • 一年學費連食宿:N/A
  • 學校排名 : N/A
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Greater Brighton Metropolitan College(又稱“Brighton MET”或簡稱為“The MET”)借鑒了150年的悠久歷史和經驗。 學校位於布萊頓市中心,是學生學習的絕佳場所,以高質量的教學,現代化的教室和卓越的關懷著稱。 該學校提供一系列由行業主導的BTEC課程,重點是就業能力,企業和企業家精神。 教職員工是行業專家,課程包括現場項目和工作實習,其中許多都得到了專業機構的認可。 超過1,000名專家團隊與MET的學生合作,為他們提供所需的知識和技能,使他們為工作世界做準備,並鼓勵、支持和啟發他們。 MET幫助學生建立自我信念,自信和勇氣,以達到並超越自己的期望。

布萊頓中央校區提供出色的設施,包括學習資源中心、工作室、現代化的教室和現場劇院。 所有學生都可以使用圖書館的電腦設施以及學生服務,包括福利和其他學習支援。 中央校區距離商店,咖啡館和娛樂場所僅幾分鐘路程。

無論學生是從事競技運動還是只是健身運動,MET都提供免費的運動設施,以幫助他們保持比賽的最高水準。 東校區有兩個全尺寸的全天候運動場、草地運動場、一個室內運動場、一個配備了所有最新機器的設備齊全的健身房以及一個配有訓練設施的拳擊台。 提供的運動包括乒乓球、瑜伽、拳擊、足球、籃球和武術。 學生還可以參加一系列豐富的活動,包括學生通訊、學生聲音、旅行、慈善籌款和LGBTQ小組。

MET的主校區位於布萊頓的心臟地帶,布萊頓是歐洲最活躍的城市之一,為學生提供了許多值得參觀和做的事情。 該市人口約27.5萬,以其優雅的歷史建築和多樣的藝術與文化景觀而聞名。 布賴頓位於英格蘭的南海岸,距倫敦不到一小時,可輕鬆到達主要機場。 這是一個學生友好型城市,擁有海灘,城市和鄉村的獨特融合。 借助自行車或步行,該市便捷的公交網絡可輕鬆出行。 國際化,豐富多彩且富有創意的布賴頓為每個學生提供了一些東西。

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (also known as ‘Brighton MET’ or simply ‘The MET’) draws on 150 years of heritage, history and experience. The school’s central Brighton location is a fantastic place for students to study and benefit from the high-quality teaching, modern classrooms and exceptional pastoral care that it is famed for. The school offers a wide range of BTEC course which are industry-led, with an emphasis on employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship. Teaching staff are industry experts, courses include live projects and work placements, and many have the endorsement of professional bodies. More than 1,000 expert staff work with students at The MET to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare them for the world of work - to encourage, support and inspire them. The MET helps to build the self-belief, confidence and bravery that students need to meet and exceed their aspirations.

Exceptional facilities are on offer at the Brighton Central Campus including IT suites, Learning Resource Centres, studios, modern classrooms and an on-site theatre. All students have access to library and computing facilities and Student Services, including welfare advice and additional learning support. The Central Campus is just minutes away from the vibrant mix of shops, cafés and entertainment that makes Brighton so unique.

Sports and Arts
Whether students are into competitive sports or just keeping fit, The MET offers free sports facilities to help them keep at the top of their game. The East Campus has two full-size all-weather pitches, grass sports fields, an indoor sports hall, a fully-equipped gym with all the latest machines and a boxing ring with training facilities. Sports on offer include table tennis, yoga, boxing, football, basketball and martial arts. Students can also get involved in a range of enrichment activities including the student newsletter, student voice, trips, charity fundraising and the LGBTQ group.

Student Life
The MET’s main campus is located in the heart of Brighton, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities which offers students a wealth of things to see and do. With a population of around 275,000, the city is famous for its elegant historical architecture and varied arts and cultural scene. Brighton is located on the south coast of England, less than an hour from London and within easy reach of major airports. It is a student-friendly city with a unique mixture of beach, city and countryside. Getting around is stress-free on the city’s excellent bus network, by bicycle or on foot. Cosmopolitan, colourful and creative- Brighton offers something for every student.

Academic Requirements
Hong Kong - Form 5 completion

English Requirements
IELTS - 5.5




Deborah Meaden - 演員
Steve Ovett - 奧運金牌得主

15% International students

Famous Alumni
Deborah Meaden - Actress
Steve Ovett - Olympic Gold Medalist
1A Pelham St